United Airlines Internship


I worked as a Design Intern at United Airlines on their eCommerce team in the Cargo Department. I worked on the team that was responsible for revamping the United PetSafe project. I also designed and developed an email sign-up tool as well as marketing collateral to capture customer email addresses from 300,000+ monthly visitors.

My Role

UX Designer




3 Months

My Impact

Being a the only UX Designer on my team I was able to apply principles of UX Design to our everyday design efforts both in web and marketing design. I designed internal websites, marketing collateral, and various projects for the department.

What I learned

I learned about the importance of translating design value to business value. Until this internship I had always been a designer on a team of designers. This internship taught me the importance of conveying the business value of designs to stakeholders to drive changes.

Summer Goal

My goal for the summer was to create meaningful experiences that users could navigate without fuss. This goal was based on a quote by Don Norman.


United PetSafe


Previous Solution

The previous webpage for the United PetSafe program was very difficult for users to navigate and find the information. The page was broken up into three sections with no clear organization method. Upon initial research the issues I found with the content architecture are below.

Content Issues

- Duplicate information
- Missing information
- No clear flow for the user
- Not meeting the expectations of the user
- User is forced to navigate without guidance to find the information they need 



Architecture Redesign

Requirement Grouping

I decided to group the steps for the user to take into sections that make more sense for the user. Our team brainstormed to how we can group the steps into different steps for the user to do at once. For example, we grouped all steps the user needs to complete before they book onto one page so they only have one place to go to.

Linear Flow for User

By grouping the steps into related sections the user is able to navigate step by step to move through the flow in a simpler and linear flow.


Content Audit

I preformed the primary content audit for the web content. I filtered through to rearrange content into the new groupings as well as deleted duplicate information. This helped to lay the framework for the editorial, legal, and PetSafe team to review and work off of.


Customer Checklist

I created the primary version of the customer checklist. This is a one-page document that customers can download to make sure they are on track in the booking process. They can see an overall look at what is expected of them on one page.


Final Solution

View The Page

Design Projects

Here is a collection of some of the other design projects from my time at United.


Email Signup Form

This form was designed to capture new customer information.


Email Signup Banner

This banner was designed to drive new customers to the email sign up form I designed from the homepage.


Internal Websites

I maintained, designed, and created new webpages pages for the company internal communication platform.

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